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UGears Dice Tower - 164 pieces

UGears Dice Tower - 164 pieces

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UGears Games' clever and versatile Model Dice Tower enhances your board game experience. This 164-piece accessory is an invaluable asset for any game.

The Ugears Games collection is designed especially for those who like the challenge and excitement of a game and appreciate the beauty of clever mechanisms.

Composed of four dice cups, the Modular Dice Tower provides a reliable gaming solution for a group of four. Lost or runaway pieces become a thing of the past; no more scrambling under the table or hunting for rogue dice. Just put your dice inside a small cubical box and give it a good shake. Put your dice cup back on the table and simultaneously push the buttons on the sides. This will release the bottom of the box with your dice sitting in it. Now it is time to make your move!

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