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Traxxas Winch kit with wireless controller, TRX-4

Traxxas Winch kit with wireless controller, TRX-4

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Enjoy Powerful, Realistic Winching with the Traxxas TRX-4 and TRX-6 Winch Kit and Wireless Controller.

The Pro Scale winch easily distinguishes the TRX-4 and TRX-6 from the competition as the most comprehensive, authentic scale trucks. It realistically replicates extreme off-road experience and serves as a functional tool for exploration. The included fob-style remote allows operators to expand or withdraw the 10-pound, heavy-duty metal winch line with the press of a button. The high-torque motor ensures reliable performance and longevity, providing sufficient power to tug your machine out of tough spots, conquer the most intimidating terrains, and even assist other trucks.

Convenient 2-Channel Remote
The fob-style remote included with the Traxxas kit is designed for convenience. It's small enough to attach directly to the transmitter, or you can attach it to a keychain or lanyard. Dual channels are selectable, enabling you to install and control front and rear winches separately with ease. To switch between channels, simply press and hold the Channel Select button on the remote.

10 Pounds of Pulling Power
Resilience is key to the Pro Scale Winch, with a maximum weight capacity of 10 pounds. It provides all the power necessary for maneuvering out of difficult spots, overcoming obstacles, or helping out fellow adventurers on the trail. Your TRX-4 or TRX-6 won't need to worry about a drop in amperage, as this winch relies on its own power source from the XL-5™ HV's accessory plug.

Automatic Brake
The Pro Scale winch features an automatic brake that stops the line from running out while unpowered, whether you're using Line In for ascent or Line Out for descent.

  • Full-function, remote-operated Line In and Line Out control
  • 10-pound maximum weight capacity
  • Over four feet of high-strength reinforced line with rugged steel hook
  • Convenient fob-style remote with two user-selectable channels
  • Waterproof winch and remote for all-weather durability
  • Free spool feature allows fast line extraction manually
  • Connects directly to battery power via the XL-5 HV speed control’s accessory plug
  • Overload protection prevents overheating
  • Compatible with TRX-4 and TRX-6 models
  • Built-in electronics for easy installation
  • Single-wire hookup does not require receiver access
  • Additional mounting holes for flat-surface installation
  • Easy to adapt to custom builds and aftermarket bumpers
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