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Kit and Kaboodle Williams Lake

Delica 11/0 Rd Crystal Silver Lined

Delica 11/0 Rd Crystal Silver Lined

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Want the kind of beads that represents Elite, Kit and Kaboodle can be of your assistance. Kit and Kaboodle proudly present you with the High-Quality Crystal Colored Beads with a Crystal Silver Line touch for a premium finish. This product is materialized in both, Crystal and Glass. The Silver-Lined Crystal Beads are a size 11, either in Tube or Cylindrical shape which often comes in Dyed form. The 1mm Hole enables it to be used with any kind of wire, just so that it can be transformed into both, a Bracelet or a Waistband. This John Bead made product comes in a 12.5g Vial. Visit the store and explore the unlimited options of Opaque Beads now!

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