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Ez-Peak Plus Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger W/Auto Id (3S/4A/40W)

Ez-Peak Plus Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger W/Auto Id (3S/4A/40W)

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One connection does it all!

The EZ-Peak Plus Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger W/Auto Id (3S/4A/40W) allows effortless setup for Traxxas iD® batteries. At the press of a button, the charger will automatically configure and optimize its settings for your battery type. No need to worry about complex menus or being a battery expert. The battery's integrated balance connector ensures a secure connection, eliminating the need for external balance boards. 4A fast charging, along with superior peak detection, guarantees a perfect charge for your LiPo batteries, while the Storage Mode safeguards them while in extended storage.

  • Recognizes Traxxas iD® batteries to automatically
    program and optimize charger settings
  • Charge progress indicator
  • Optimized for faster LiPo balance charging
  • One button LiPo storage charge protects your battery investment
  • Advanced high-resolution peak detection delivers a perfect charge
  • Easy to use interface
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Advanced Mode for full manual control of charger settings
  • Legacy support for all Traxxas High-Current Connectors
  • Built-in balance ports for conventional LiPo batteries
  • Charges 5-8-cell NiMH batteries
  • Charges 2s and 3s LiPo batteries
AC Input: ­ 100–240 volts
Charge Current Range: ­ 1.0-4.0 A (40 W Max.)
Discharge Current Range: ­ 500 mAh
Current Drain For Balance Ports: ­ 500 mAh
NiMH Battery Cell Count: ­ 5–8 cells
LiPo Cell Count: ­ 2–3 cells
Net Weight: ­ 365 g
Dimensions: ­ 146 x 123 x 53 mm
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