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Led Light Set, Maxx, Complete (Includes #6590 High-Power Amplifier) ***Rma573***

Led Light Set, Maxx, Complete (Includes #6590 High-Power Amplifier) ***Rma573***

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The Traxxas Maxx is engineered for speed, resilience, and strength with its cutting-edge build and supremely sturdy frame. Its LED light kit is designed to withstand the pressure of extreme use, with waterproof construction and Traxxas Tough™ technology. Illuminate your journey through the night with intense-white, high-power LED lighting.

Traxxas innovation provides a lighting system packed with exclusive features and performance. The included #6590 high voltage amplifier delivers reliable power to the high-power light bar, decreasing losses from high current and heat. The stable output avoids flickering and dimming, even when the battery voltage alters. The smart brake lights activate with brakes applied in both forward and reverse directions, eliminating the issue of generic aftermarket systems turning on brake lights while reversing.

  • High-output front LED light bar
  • Multi-function rear LED light bar
  • Replacement bumpers with LED cutouts
  • High-voltage 8-channel power amplifier for intense, brilliant LED lighting
  • Regulated output for stable lighting performance
    (no flickering or dimming as the battery voltage changes)
  • Mounting hardware


Wiring is straightforward: Connect the #6590 High-Power Amplifier to the Traxxas VXL-4s Electronic Speed Control and plug the individual lighting modules into the power amplifier. You can toggle through three manual light modes, or utilize the Traxxas Link app and Wireless Module (6511*) to control individual LEDs from a distance and create personalized lighting animations. Built by Traxxas, this formidable and versatile system is watertight for all your thrilling RC pursuits.

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