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Pro Quad Micro 1S 4 Channel Ac/Dc Lipo & Lihv Battery Charger

Pro Quad Micro 1S 4 Channel Ac/Dc Lipo & Lihv Battery Charger

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Venom Pro Quad Micro 1S 4 Channel AC/DC LiPo & LiHV Battery Charger

At just 43/4" square and 2.1" high, the Pro Quad Micro 1S charger from Venom is designed for small electrics powered with single LiPo batteries. Featuring four sets of connectors, a battery selector switch, an LED indicator, and a large LCD screen on the top panel, it can charge up to four batteries simultaneously. With an internal power supply, users have the option to power it with AC or DC current. Its sturdy plastic case is further protected with rubberized coating and front/rear venting with red LED backlighting in the shape of Venom's logo. Easily adjust the charge rate and start/stop the process with four buttons on the lower part of the panel.

Four independent channels support charging of both standard LiPo (3.7V) and LiHV (4.35V) batteries via one of four popular connector types (mCX, mCPX, JST, and Molex). On powering up, the LCD readout instantly shows each battery’s voltage, with a Channel button to cycle through and LED indicators for the selected battery. To charge, press the Channel button for a few seconds to adjust the rate between 0.1A and 1.0A increments with the Dec - and Inc + buttons, then press the Start/Stop button. While charging, the readout will continually update the battery’s voltage.

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