Olivia Hamond

18 year old artist who has been drawing since she was 9. She works mostly in pencil and pencil crayon but does occasionally dabble in watercolour and digital painting. Olivia finds drawing relaxing and a great way to express herself. 

Dana Dawn Alphonse

Dana is an amazing artist with a talent for beads. She makes all kinds of jewelry that she sells on her Facebook Page 

Sarah Sigurdson.

Hi! My name is Sarah Sigurdson.
My art business is Sarah Doodles.
I am part of an art group called cariboo art beat with Tiffany Jorgensen and Brittany Murphy.  We have done a few murals in town. We also have done a snowman at caribou ski for raising money for big brothers and big sisters. 

Cariboo Artbeat on Facebook

Tiffany Jorgensen

Tiffany Jorgensen lives on a small farm in Williams Lake with her three wonderful daughters and many pets.  As her girls are all in school, Tiffany has been delving back into her art, painting commissions and murals and collaborating with two great artist friends to form Cariboo Art Beat and offer more artistic endeavors to our community. Tiffany will paint anything and everything she can and works primarily in acrylic on canvas.   

 Pages: Tiffany Jorgensen Custom Artwork  

Cariboo Artbeat on Facebook

Brittany Murphy’s

Brittany Murphy’s monochromatic artworks in a variety of media are a result of a lifelong obsession for detail. She finds the most enjoyment and beauty adding the imperfections to each of her commissioned works. Each artwork takes an immense amount of time and patience, for which she credits her children for teaching her. When not making art Brittany enjoys the spoils of her community that is rich in character and landscape. 

Cariboo Artbeat on Facebook

Becky Spreng

Becky creates abouslty beautiful dream catchers. 

To Catch A Dream